Your hadnt viewed Grayson for a couple of whole months, considering the concert tour that has been today complete

Your hadnt viewed Grayson for a couple of whole months, considering the concert tour that has been today complete

tonight ? grayson

anon: should i have a gray think the place you make a move one to transforms him towards the and your travelling the house hella pleased for hours on end and ethan asks as to why youre very pleased your readers claims “i’m delivering applied this evening :)))))”

Your band brand new doorbell to your boyfriends home as soon as you are free to the entranceway, waving good-bye towards the buddy who was big sufficient to get rid of you out-of. She honked the horn twice and you can drove away, therefore checked out and you will waited frantically towards the door in front people to open.

He had been gone for a bit longer than simply one, but the guy constantly emerged to own a couple of days to see your most of the time

You had been so pleased with the man you’re dating as well as how much he got become, and you couldn’t hold off in order to bombard him that have kisses when he open the door.

The doorway eventually exposed large discussing a shirtless Grayson, along with his sight broadened because the a massive grin got more his deal with. Your squeal a tiny and you can drop your handbag, moving for the Graysons palms eagerly, “Oh my personal goodness We overlooked you,” You mumble and you will lay your head toward his shoulder and then he adjusts your making sure that he might properly bring your. The guy placed a kiss in your shoulder and you lift your head up so you could offer him one to on the mouth area.

When your lips moved, everything you experienced most readily useful. You in the long run believed house or apartment with Grayson, and you also could give that Grayson believed exactly the same way.

“I missed you plenty even more, trust in me.” He tells you and also you laugh brightly, moving down and you can getting the wallet, “C’mon princess, lets visit my space.” The guy requires their hands and you can grabs they securely, top you upstairs.

Should you get to help you their place you put their wallet on his table, flipping around to deal with him. It absolutely was hard to keep the hands off off your just after he had been moved getting way too long, therefore you certainly will give Grayson believed the exact same ways.

“Better,” He starts, “I tried to hang they during the, but I cant any longer.” The guy shrugs and you can strolls towards you, picking your up-and establishing you towards bed softly. Your giggle and you may remove your onto the bed too, place your mouth area into the their quickly. The hug is enchanting and eager, your knew which you both needed the thing that was probably happen in a number of seconds.

Grayson lays back and pulls you on to his lap, move your shirt out of quickly revealing your own expert bra. You slim more than slightly, pressing several other careless hug to help you his mouth area. You start so you can walk kisses down their shoulder, and after that you move on to trace his mouth which have kisses. Up coming, merely to tease your, you place a comfortable hug into area off their lips and also make your moan, move you intimate and you will setting their mouth towards your personal.

You become their tongue shadow the base lip, asking for access that you joyfully except. Since you fight for prominence over the hug, your hear a noisy hit at Graysons home, causing you to both pull aside quickly and check out the door.

“Gray! Perhaps you have forgotten the brand new the main video you have got in order to edit? Your promise! No takesies backsies!” You tune in to Ethan say from the other hand of your own doorway, causing you to giggle slightly.

Grayson shuts his vision and you can sighs in annoyance, “Really become this evening.” He says undoubtedly and you nod, whispering something most dirty on the ear that make your blush profusely.

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